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Yes. You heard that right. Chance is officially potty-trained. Woot! So exciting 🙂 I didn’t want to blog about it & potentially jinx it. But he’s done it & we’ve gone about a week with no accidents 🙂

Here’s where I’m honest with you & tell you it was a total accident. Interesting right? We tried everything to make the move to potty-train him: we let him watch us, we got him his own seat, we got him the attachment for a regular potty, encouraged him with rewards (which worked for a little while until I ran out of Cars characters), let him be naked all over the house (which he REALLY didn’t like).Of course all of this happened over a six months plus period of time. We tried everything except what the pediatrician said: wait. After some incident, I gave up. He will just have to be the oddball in kindergarten (2 years from now). Ha ha, it’s like he could read my mind, but there was peace in the house and life continued.

A month or so later, a week before we were to leave for our trip to Alabama, we had an incident. At this particular point in time, Chance is infamous for doing no. 2 in his diaper & not saying anything but you’d know the deed was done as soon as you tried to sit him down somewhere. He’d gotten in trouble for something & Dakota sat him in his highchair & locked on the tray. Cue freakout & pelvic-lifting Chance. Dakota & I exchanged looks debating on how to handle the situation which of course ended up with us sympathizing with his rear-end. We got him out & got him changed & within whatever timeframe, put him to bed for nap time. When he woke up, he said “I no want di-per, I want unnerwear.” Oookay… Let’s play along & not make a big deal other than proud encouragement. The next day or 2, he went to potty every time without incident but he hadn’t done no. 2 yet. Beware, the most difficult part was yet to come. The next day he made mention of his belly hurting & within the hour had a no. 2 accident. We weren’t upset but we let him know where it was supposed to go & encouraged him to be a big boy. Same thing the next day. Except when he told me his belly hurt I pointed him to the bathroom. Something came up & I had something to do & he had an accident. So this time we warned him that he would have to go back to diapers of he had another accident. Y’all have to understand my son to know the use of this logic. Anyway, the next day comes around & I notice some “spots” on his underwear, so I checked… yep, he’s going to need to poop soon. So I took his underwear off because understandably, they’re dirty. He’s okay with that, he’ll go get some more. Nope. I tell him no underwear & no diaper (because he asked for it) until he pooped in the potty. I’ve seen the potty dance, but there is nothing like the no. 2 dance. He was so not happy (tears & all) & he refused to listen to anything anyone said. I know I sound like a bad mom, but really, I know he’s only scared of the process (not the potty like he used to be) & he only needs a push to overcome the obstacle. I’m that way. So I sat him on his potty & sat with him, hugged him until he calmed down. I needed something to distract him… Ooo. Dakota & I suppose most people like reading material or some game to distract them while they do their business… Enter the Boulder of Death game. Simple. Age-appropriate. Distracting. About 15 minutes later, he hands me my phone, “I poo-pooed!” Yay!!! That’s all it took. He did it perfectly the next day. It was so awesome & just in time for Alabama.

Even through the 7-hour journey, being in an unfamiliar environment, & the 14-hour attempt/journey home (another post for another day) he didn’t have ANY accidents 🙂

I’m so proud of him 🙂 I just wish I would’ve listened to the pediatrician & trusted her. Her reassuring statement: “I’ve never had any of my kids (her patients) start kindergarten & not be potty-trained.” She hasn’t been wrong yet 😉

So this is what is happening around our house


One down, one to go 🙂 Yes little girl, I’m looking at you.

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