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We’ve been busy these days and so I am just going to give you a run-down of everybody & their current situation since I realized I haven’t really talked about any one member of my family in a while. So here goes.

trying to be a big kid like Chance 🙂

Exciting news!! Evelyn has two more teeth that we just discovered last night. Ah! Finally! She’s been sick most of this week with a runny nose & a not so pleasant cough. I figured she might be teething because she had a low fever a few times, she upchucked once every few days for no obvious reason, & it just seem to show up out of the blue. I’ve been giving her medicine & she seems fine except for that darn cough. She’s also talking a lot. Not nearly like Chance, but she says ‘stop’, ‘no’, ‘mommy’, ‘dadda’, and ‘paw paw’ and she signs ‘please’ 🙂 She wants to do just about everything Chance does and he doesn’t like that very much. It’s quite funny to watch them “fight” as they both whine over a toy. Chance doesn’t like to share and Evelyn’s content to take whatever. It works out sometimes.

so cuddly & sweet these days 🙂

Chance is becoming such a big boy these days. Long gone is the baby that needed me to feed him & dress him. He does both by himself plus he brushes his teeth, knows how to feed the kitty cat, & understands when you tell him his shoes are on wrong. He’s so smart & eager to help & do stuff around the house (that is until he finds a shiny red ball fun toy). He’s very attentive to what’s going on & asking for stuff that he wants (like eggs EVERY DAY for breakfast or supper–more protein please?). Right now, we’re working on full sentences with him. Like Chance might say: “Peas prish pies” = Please french fries. Sometimes he’ll add the sign for one or the other to make sure he covers the bases, and I encourage that. Now, once he’s said it his way, I grab what he wants & I say: “May” “I” “have” french fries” “please”, with him repeating each word after me which sounds something like “May” “I” “haf” “prish pies” “peas”. Once he says it, I say: “yes, you may” & hand him the fries as a reward. Since we’ve been staying on top of him with it, he seems to know “may I have” though sometimes he does get it out of order & that is awesome cute 🙂 Also, having reorganized my priorities, I’ve been paying more attention to him and giving him extra affection. He seems happier (verses angry when he got frustrated with something) and more willing to listen though that differs from day to day & what exactly he’s focused on doing. Another thing we’re working on is rewarding him for doing good stuff and not focusing so much on coming down on him for everything he does wrong. My only concern is that he’s going to outsmart us and refuse to do anything (like eat) without a reward. I mean, that’s what I’d do anyway 🙂

I’m so lucky 🙂

Dakota’s doing good. He’s working on updating the graphics and design work on his website. As far as work well, he’s about to flex up to full time again for the holidays & it’ll be crazy as per usual. I love the company he works for, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t like the hours and how the scheduling works. For instance, on a typical week, he works 4 hours at night on Monday, Tuesday, & Friday with a full-time shift (1:30pm to 10:30pm) on Saturday. With his “holiday schedule” he’ll have full time hours (like his Saturday shift) from Friday until Tuesday. Weird hours and off days, but whatever. The only other bad part is not knowing when it’ll end. I’m sure it’ll be about two weeks, but that’s like two weeks too long right? Yes, I thought so too. Another benefit since reorganizing, Dakota & I have been fighting less and on the same page more often than not. I feel like I’m rediscovering how awesome & wonderful he is. We’ve been having moments like being up at 2:00am and making hot chocolate & just enjoying each others’ company like we did before we had kids. It’s been bliss. I told him this before, but it’s moments like the latter that I would prefer over going out or watching a movie & it’s in those moments I know how much he loves me & I thank God I found him & he picked me 🙂

Alright, enough mushy-mushy. If you haven’t already seen it, go watch “The Hobbit”. It is so awesome and epic and whew! Dakota and I went to see it last Sunday. At the end of the movie, Dakota (who has read the book) was like WHAT!! Apparently the book doesn’t end that way, but WAIT! It’s one of three 🙂 Yay!!


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Good luck everyone!!

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