Stuck Between the Rock & a Rough Place

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Ever get into a rut whether spiritual or mental?  I am there.  I really won’t go into details just to save you the boredom of my self-inflicted sob story. Know that it’s long and indefinitely self-inflicted, cue melodramatic violin music and sobs from the understanding audience.

I feel like no matter where I turn, nothing is working out & it seems to stem from our finances.  We took a financial hit when Dakota was let go from his previous job.  He was contacted 4 months later about a job. He spent the next month training & then in July he was officially an employee.  It’s fewer hours and less pay, but he’s working from home.  Next up is our currently living situation which is not at all the cream of the crop though it’s not completely undesirable.  But, due to the pay difference from the new job, we can’t really afford a place of our own.  In essence, we’re stuck or as Dakota calls it a snare.  Really though, my unhappiness boils down to my selfish desires to have the spoils of life and to be “comfortable” instead of being content.  Dakota and I have discussed ways to improve our situation, but the sacrifices I’d have to make aren’t really worth it time-wise and in the end we aren’t much better off.  So again I feel stuck. I also feel hurt & a bit confused.  I’m literally torn between it.  My flesh wants the money and the ability to shop without worry (I’m a bit shallow on that part) but I’m also committed to our belief system which outlines a lifestyle that the world has made difficult to live in.  (I’m not going to preach about what the Bible says; that’s not what this blog is about.  I’m sharing the difficulties we are facing as a family and hope to sympathize with anyone in a similar situation. If you have questions, then you can send me an email via the contact form on the “Contact Me” tab up top.) Anyway, I’ll be here on the interwebs, contemplating life and all it’s problems, researching how to beat life and rock it young momma style.  Oh! And if anyone has any advice or awesome links, let me know in the comments below  🙂  I’m always up for new ideas

Enjoy your Friday 🙂

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