Sunday’s Ending and Monday’s Beginning

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Sunday night did not go well and apparently the badness just carried over to Monday morning.

Y’all, I love my child to bits and pieces, however, he can be a massive handful.

So Sunday afternoon, Chance woke up about 4:30 or so and we did the usual: we played with him & then fed him & got ready to go to church. Since we had church at 6:30 we also had to eat supper before we left (this is due to the fact that we are trying to accommodate to Chance’s bedtime by not staying out late to eat after church). Of course we are having ridiculously bad weather, so all fastfood places are closed.  I quickly heated up leftovers, we inhaled supper, and left for church.

Things went per usual, where Chance hollers in the car because no one is paying attention to him and then he’s wanting to be let loose during church to play with anything and everything he can get his hands on.

Well, the lesson starts and it’s like “Oh wait, people are quiet and I can be heard if I make noise.”  So he did.  He bonked his head on the pew and would cry, then we would give him something to distract him so he would stop.  Then he’d get frustrated because he couldn’t get a hold of something and start hollering and crying.  Again we would try to distract him and then repeat with the crying and making noise.  At one point, we got him quiet for about 20 minutes and then it was downhill after that.

I had food for him to snack on in case he needed something.  Well, it comes in a can and the baby got a hold of it without the lid on and … you can see where this is going right?  Yes, it made a huge mess but it’s not difficult to pick up minus the powder-crumb-things from the food.  Dakota took care of that while I held Chance.  Chance decided he wanted part of the action and managed to roll right out of my arms causing him to hit the floor pretty hard.  And so he cried.  Of course I’m trying not to laugh because of how everything just played out, but at this point he’s inconsolable and I take him out of the service.  At one point, we were in the bathroom and he was determined to sit in the sink no matter how many times I pulled him out to sit on the side to play in the water.

By the end of the night, I’m frustrated and exhausted.  When we got home, Chance went straight to bed and Dakota and I were able to take a breather.  We talked, I complained, blah, blah, blah.

Getting ready for bed, I had Dakota walk in the baby’s room with me to show him something.  Well, Dakota has an extremely good sniffer and smelled poop.  We debated on what to do about it.  I’m sure most of you may be shocked that we are having to debate this.  My point: had we not walked in there, Dakota wouldn’t have smelled anything and this debate wouldn’t be occurring. I also know my child and I know that if we were to change him at that moment, he will wake up and, since he’s been asleep for about 3 hours, it will be as if he had a nap and he won’t go back to bed anytime soon.  Dakota’s point:  he doesn’t need to be sitting in that for another 9 hours.  I totally agree, but there is the problem of him not going back to bed so Dakota says he’ll take care of it if that occurs.

So we change him, it’s a little after midnight at this point.  He wakes up.  Dakota attempts to put him down and the baby cries.  We get in bed and let him cry to see if he stops, which he does, but he off and on whines for 30 minutes.  MISTAKE:  I get him out of bed to sleep with us.  Dakota was already asleep, but seeing as I’m a light sleeper, I couldn’t sleep through the baby’s whining.  That didn’t work, so Dakota gets out of bed and deals with the baby.  It doesn’t last long and Dakota’s back in the room trying to figure out what to do.  I get up and we feed him and play with him.  Dakota’s asleep in the recliner. I was awake trying to entertain the baby.  The baby doesn’t go to bed until 3AM!  O. M. G.  So yeah. I’m tired and ready to go to bed, so I finish getting everything picked up and baby-proofed for in the morning.  Mr. B is going to be getting up at 3:30 so I hurry and get my husband out of the recliner and in the room before his dad wakes up.

We get in the room, Mr. B’s alarm goes off, and within 10 minutes we are KO.

What a night.  Poor Dakota had to be up a few hours later to get ready for work.



Have you ever had any crazy long nights with your little one?  What did you do?

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Linda Finch Pieri August 6, 2011 at 11:23 am

Vanessa, really enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work. I laughed and smiled, thought about when Clint was Chance’s age in church too. One Sunday during morning prayer he jumped off the seat and crawled under the pews all the way to the pulpit. I was so embarrassed. Preacher never missed a beat while bringing him back to me. LOL Life has it moments and it’s always refreshing to know it happens to all of us. Good luck on the househunt. I will say a prayer. Linda


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