Taco Soup

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This is a recipe I got from someone at church and my family loves it.  It’s way easy to make and it doesn’t take long to cook, just make sure you have a big enough pot to make the soup.

You will need:

1.5 lbs ground chuck (browned & drained)

28 oz. crushed or diced tomatoes

1 pkg (dry) taco seasoning

1 cup water

2 cans white corn (do not drain)

2 cans chili beans (do not drain)

1 can Rotel tomatoes (optional)

1 pkg (dry) Ranch buttermilk dressing

Tostados or corn chips (optional)

Shredded cheddar cheese (optional)


How to make it:

Brown and drain the ground chuck.  Mix in crushed tomatoes, taco seasoning and water.  Add corn, chili beans, Rotel tomatoes, and Ranch dressing.  Mix well.  Simmer (bring to a boil & then reduce heat) over low heat for about 10 minutes. Top with cheese and serve with Tostados or corn chips.


FYI:  This makes A LOT of soup.  I have to half the recipe to feed all four of us.  Yes, Chance really likes this too 🙂

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