Talking about the children again

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As of today, I am 39 weeks pregnant.  Eeeek!  Regarding her name, the idea of Evelyn Elain (Dakota hasn’t decided on the “e” at the end) has been brought to the table with us calling her Lanie (Laney, Lainy ?).  Of course, nothing is permanent until after she’s born, which could be within a week.  Oh! Em! Gee!  Also, yesterday, I think I may have had a very small contraction (notice the questionable wording).  I felt something, but it wasn’t very significant.  I told Dakota that maybe if we went walking around the neighborhood, I’d start labor.  Clearly that didn’t work and so I continue through another day anticipating her arrival.

Chance has made yesterday his own as well.  I had come home from grocery shopping at WalMart and I heard the baby crying from outside the house.  It’s getting close to midnight and he was definitely asleep when I left.  Dakota is trying to hold and rock the baby which isn’t working.  I tried to feed him, but you could tell it wasn’t a physical need that he had.  After he took a bite of the chocolate graham cracker, he burst into tears… Chance is teething.  He was an emotional mess.  I couldn’t set him on the floor; he wouldn’t stay in my lap, but he didn’t want down.  He didn’t know what he wanted either.  He would reach out for everything in sight but couldn’t find anything worth his attention to make him stop crying.  He needed constant motion.  Finally, I got him to relax a bit in the recliner with me although he was still crying which woke Mr. B.  So Mr. B tried suggesting things from a not-very-awake perspective which wasn’t really helpful or practical and he hovered.  I need to mention here for those who don’t know, I’m just pushing 5 feet tall.  I do not take people hovering around me or over me very well.  And because the situation was not a happy one, I don’t appreciate on-lookers disturbing and interrupting my efforts which is also what was going on.  Mr. B would just stand there and watch Chance squirm, adding to his emotional distress after I’ve spent the last 15 minutes trying to calm him down.  Anyway, Mr. B finally goes to bed, Chance calms down shortly after, and he eventually falls asleep on me.


Today is going to be an off day for everyone.  Hopefully, it won’t be too bad.


What happened when your child was teething?  What did you do? What worked?  I need tips pronto, and….go!

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