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So I had an appointment Monday and we had the “talk” with our midwife (ie the steps to take if I don’t have the baby on my own).

First off, it isn’t recommended to go past 40 weeks with a prior C-section and I am currently 40 weeks and 6 days.  We waited this long because she recognizes the fact that I carry babies a bit longer than usual.  She doesn’t want to wait until after 41 weeks because my uterus could possible rupture due to stretching which is SCARY #1.

SCARY #2:  Using a catheter to make me dilate.  Basically, its a long tube inserted into the uterus with a balloon thing at the end of it.  They inflate the balloon with liquids which adds weight and causes the cervix to open.  I have a relative that had that done and I’ve heard it hurts.

SCARY #3: Using pitocin.  They can only give me a little bit partly because I’m not dilated enough, but also because they don’t want my uterus to rupture.  This is also why I can’t be induced.

SCARY #4: Having to have another C-section.

(O.O) *eyes bugging out of my head*  These are the options I face if I don’t go into labor on my own.  I’m not going to lie, I am a bit scared.  This isn’t as simple as last time and there is more concern because of the fact that I had a C-section with Chance.  I’m sure many have suggestions as to what I can do to start labor… the innocent ideas and the not-so-innocent ideas *cough, cough* They are all going to be tried at some point or another, most already have and, well, obviously failed.  I’m not giving up hope though; all options haven’t been tried just yet.


For anyone interested, this is what I have found as suggestions to trigger labor.  I hope it helps you as I totally understand how you feel.

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