The Start of a Potentially Awesome Weekend

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If you don’t already know, my husband and I are currently living with my father-in-law (AKA Mr. B). This arrangement was made when we found out I was pregnant with Chance. We are not bums. We are constantly looking for a place to live, but there isn’t a whole lot in our price range and not everyone (ie agents, finance companies, etc) is very helpful in assisting the really young married couple with kids with a desperate need to find a place to live.

Anyway, rant over. Mr. B is going on a trip with some friends this weekend and will be gone until sometime Sunday which means we will have the house to ourselves. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! My mother-in-law came this morning to pick up Chance (of course that’s not before he sneezed oatmeal all over me) and she will be watching him until tomorrow at least.  SOOO… no baby and no Mr. B tonight 🙂

Also, I am going to be brave and try sloppy joes. I believe at some point when I went to daycare, I had one and liked it. However, watching people eat sloppy joes over the years has caused me to never go anywhere near them. Something about watching it run down the sides of peoples’ mouths and out the bun is just not appealing. I’m grossed out even thinking about it. ::Elvis lip going up in disgust::

On a side note: I am currently enjoying the pepperoni pizza rolls my husband doesn’t like me eating. He’s thinking of baby, not the inconvenience of cooking and making something “healthy”.  Besides, my love of all things pepperoni pizza was established WAY before he came in the picture and I’m not giving it up just because I’m pregnant. With any luck, she’ll be just like me and we can enjoy eating cold pizza together with sweet tea or pink milk (yes, I said pink, not strawberry. This was something I said as a kid and it stuck).

Anyway, major cabbage patch (::sigh:: I’m getting old) dance to commence within the hour. I was informed by Mr. B that he needs to be elsewhere at 3. I may run (or walk really quickly) around the house and plop down on the sofa to take in the moment or I may decide to clean the house out of pure excitement that it will stay that way slightly longer than usual or I may decide to enjoy a nice warm bath while re-reading Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr.  Hmmm  🙂 I like the last one best.  However, PRIORITIES!!! So I’m thinking I’ll clean, reward myself with a bath and book, and begin the experience of make sloppy joes and braving through it’s sloppiness (pun intended) for supper.  Until then, I’ll be geeking out on my laptop 🙂


What’s going to be the highlight of your weekend?  Are there any foods your willing to try because of your husband?


PS: The next post will be the recipe I used and tips for anyone else interested in making it.


Interesting fact of the day: geek has a totally weird meaning beyond the tech-savvy person. According to a geek is “a carnival performer who performs sensationally morbid or disgusting acts, as biting off the head of a live chicken.”

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