Time for a Trade-in!

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Last Friday, our car broke down, AGAIN! We’ve had all kinds of problems each month since September of last year. We ended up finding out that it was an alternator problem which means that in a little over a year’s time the vehicle would have had 3 alternators had we gone through the process of buying another one. So there’s an electrical issue somewhere which can be extremely expensive. Not to mention the 5/6 coils & spark plugs we’ve replaced, the 2/3 catalytic converters we’ve also replaced, the current oil leak, & some code for a part none of the mechanics we’ve talked to have ever heard of. Whew! We decided we are done with is hunk of junk and we will never buy another car from another “private seller”. So to Carmax we went. Sweet relief. No haggle, great customer service, & a play area for the kids. The whole experience was relaxing & convenient for everybody.

We searched online & found something that fit all of our requirements. I will honestly tell you I struggled with the decision for this car. Being younger & prideful & not always a thinker before I speak, I boasted that I wouldn’t ever get this kind of vehicle. Petty, I know, but hey, I’m being honest. Little did I know I would have a desire to expand our family in the future. Read: I am not pregnant, we are just definitely wanting to have more kids once we are established in our own home. So I humbly present to you our new-to-us Chrysler Town & Country:

new van

I know, I know I gave in & have now joined the Minivan Mom Club. I’m still adjusting, so no “I’m loving it!” coming from me just yet. Though through this experience, I have learned a few things.

Lesson #1: Be careful what you say, you may eat your words one day. Better sweet than sour; I’ve learned that the hard way.

Lesson #2: People can change, I’m proof.

Lesson #3: Don’t buy a car from someone off of Craigslist without looking under the hood, researching it’s history using the VIN (if they won’t give you the VIN or let you bring it to a mechanic that is a bad sign, don’t buy the vehicle), & considering the mileage. Bad move altogether on our part, but never again. We learned our lesson.

Overall, I’m glad to have something dependable & I look forward to the many trips & memories we will make with this new Mom-mobile of mine ;0) .


What car experiences have you had?

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