Tis the Season of Christmas

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Christmas time is a love-hate thing. I love the music & houses being lit up & getting to spend time with family. I hate, well that’s a strong word…I really don’t like trying to find something for everyone. I want to find a perfect (or at least useful) gift for everyone. I love the smiles when they open it, but man I don’t like searching for it and then we’re on a budget and well, it’s difficult.

I usually end up with some idea & I give that same thing for each gift exchange we go to & for those select family members/groups that don’t make it easy on us poor folks. I know it’s a bit tacky, but it works for the budget, everyone’s happy, & nobody knows except you 🙂 (Shhh! Don’t tell ’em my secret).

Also, I’ve been thinking on how to inform family members that we’re not doing the Santa lie to our kids. Sure, one day we’ll tell them who he was, but we won’t be telling them an old man is sneaking into our house one night out of the year while we sleep & that we totally approve of it. Nope. Not doing it. And neither does Santa stop by a relative’s house to drop off gifts for my kids “because we didn’t have a chimney”. How do I clearly convey such a message gently without provoking an argument? Then there’s the strangers to address….

To be fair, we’ll tell the kids about the birth of Jesus, but we also won’t be doing a nativity set. Honestly, there weren’t 3 wise men & they didn’t visit Jesus in a manger, he was a young child & they entered his family’s home, not the animal stables in the back of an inn. So if we’re teaching them truth why tell them the Santa-lie or misinform them of the birth?

So basically Christmas is just about visiting family with presents being a plus. We don’t decorate the house or put up a tree, it’s just another day in our household as it should be.

Before I met Dakota, Christmas with family was always good. On Christmas Eve, we’d go to my mom’s parents to eat, then we’d go to their church service with the candle lighting, & then back to their house to rip through our presents in order of age. Christmas Morning, I opened presents with my parents & my sister. Around 1:00, my dad would come pick me up & I spent most of the day with his side of the family which wasn’t always as much fun. I was the baby & the only granddaughter & niece & they got me things I wasn’t always interested in. Anyway, life has changed drastically since then & we’re sort of doing things a bit differently. We still visit my mom’s family, & most of Dakota’s family, but my dad & I had a falling out back in June, so who knows 🙂

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What are your holiday traditions with your family? Are you starting your own with your new family?

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