To Kansas We Drive

March 30 · 0 comments

Yep. We are currently on our way to Kansas. I know, exciting right? I can’t believe we’re actually doing this. After Dakota got let go, as something to cheer him up I had mentioned the possibility of going to Kansas with our friends this year (they go every year). He thought about it and we decided we would if he didn’t have a job by then. Well, somehow the trip was mentioned this past weekend and we discovered they are going a lot sooner than we had expected, which works out great because Dakota still doesn’t have a job. So, Dakota, the kids, & I are going on our first family vacation.

It’s sort of a business trip too. The person who is the artist for our company lives out there, and we’ll be discussing business with her at some point.

So far our adventure has been just that. I was finally able to convince Dakota to see the benefit of taking two days to get there and so we spent ALL DAY getting packed. I had gotten up at 6:30AM (!) and had planned on leaving by 3:00. After talking with Dakota, I discovered he had planned on leaving by 4:00. Any takers as to what time we left the house? 5:45! And the crazy part? We still had to make a stop to pick up a travel-sized pack-&-play for Evelyn. Once we got that we were all smiles and ready to start making memories.

I’ll be sure to get pictures. Though I’m not sure what the plans are once we get there, but hopefully, we’ll do some sight-seeing or visit someplace where I can experience a little bit of Kansas since I’ve never been there before.

I’ll be doing my best to keep everyone updated on the trip, so keep checking in. Or 🙂 if you’re not going to be able to hit refresh every hour, you can always subscribe 🙂

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