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The most interesting thing happened last night.  So Chance was having an issue with going to sleep.  The second time Chance was put to bed, I did it because Dakota was busy working on something.  Usually after being put to bed once & he gets out of our room, Chance gets disciplined.  I already had already disciplined him for getting out of bed and he kept crying.  I told him to hush and Chance kept asking for “modji” or “moddy” or “mod-te”, one of those variations.  So instead of losing patience, I try to work with him to figure out what it is that he wants.  He just sits up and looks at me so sweetly as he repeats the word.  This goes on for a few minutes and I can’t seem to get him to expand on any of it. He doesn’t point, he doesn’t try and show me by getting out of bed, nothing.  I usually try to mimic the word by saying a real word that sounds similar to see if it rings a bell.  I would say “water?” and if it’s what Chance wants he’ll repeat the word (it’ll sound the same as what he was just saying) and smile, then it’s a match.  If I say a word and he repeats it, but it doesn’t sound anything like the word he’s trying to communicate with me, I’ll try a different word.  I did this a few times with Chance with no success.  He then changes the word to ‘ee’.  ‘Ee’ means ‘Eat’ which means ‘I’m hungry and want to eat’.  I figure he’s just trying to find a way to get out of going to bed an I justify it by thinking this “modji” word is not as important as him going to sleep. I gave up and walk out with him crying.  Next scene.

I’m in the room nursing Evelyn because she wouldn’t stop crying and I don’t want her to disturb Chance.  It had and he’d gotten out of bed and was crinkling something. I told him to put whatever he had up and get in bed.  Enter Dakota to assist.  Chance is told to go to sleep and he repeats this “modji” word over and over like it’s the magic word to keep from getting in trouble.  I suggest him to go brush his teeth to distract him.  Chance is all smiles and gets out of bed and fast-walks to the bathroom to pass me and give me this cheese-y grin.  Once he’s done he finds his “choo-choos”, puts them on Dakota’s nightstand, and gets in bed with me.  Dakota and I discuss what to do and we try to put him back to bed.  I put Evelyn in her bed and then Chance starts repeating the ‘modji’ word.  AHHH!!  “What is ‘modji’ Chance?  Show us.  Point.” We try to encourage him but with no help or clues as to what this “modji” is.  Dakota tries more words with him to see if he has any luck and there was none.   I get this weird gut feeling thing and I sit him on Dakota’s side of the bed next to his nightstand where Chance had put his “choo-choos”.  I point to the trains and say “modji?” Apparently something clicked and he grabbed for his trains.  Hmm.  Dakota grabbed the big one and I carried Chance with the other two small ones in his hands.  Chance starts whining and reaching for Dakota and saying “modji”.  I put him in bed and Dakota hands Chance the big train.  Chance smiles and puts the train next to him in the bed.  We start telling him good-night and he says NOTHING.  Seriously.  Dakota thinks he named the big train “modji”.  Either way.  Dumbfounded.  Dakota had walked out of the room as I finished tucking Chance in.  As I walked down the hallway and I met Dakota’s eyes, his face was still showing shock, and he mouthed “Unbelieveable.”  Me? *eyeroll* *horse sigh* including sound the lips make when the air goes through them. “Yes”.

See also: TRANSLATOR WANTED.  Must be fluent in every dialect of Toddlerese.  Will pay in huge hugs and homecooked meals.  Must be available 24/7 though won’t be needed that often.

New vocabulary word:  Modji–either name of Chance’s train or means “I want the trains to sleep in bed with me”.

Has anyone had such experiences?  How do you figure out what your toddler is trying to say?

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