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The month of August has been quite the ride.  Looking back, I know our situation could have been a lot worse, but when you’re in the middle of it, it sure seems like the end of the world. Has anyone ever been there?

Well for starters bad stuff happened not once, but 3 times. Each issue occurring on the weekend, go figure. The first weekend this month, our fridge broke. Yep. And guess who didn’t have a back up freezer? This family. We had my broken fridge from college, a broken stand-up freezer and now a broken fridge. I guess you could count the super old Philco fridge that housed our drinks, but it’s pint-sized compared to today’s refrigerators & so it’s quite crammed with what we rescued from the broken fridge. We still had to get a stand-up freezer & an ice chest to contain the remainder of the fridge’s contents. What a crazy weekend that was.

The next weekend, Chance somehow got cellulitis or basically a staph infection INSIDE his nose. Cue swollen right side of his face, doctor’s appointments, low fever, swelling not receding after 2 days of antibiotics & an antibiotic shot, a visit to the ER, & end it with being admitted to the hospital. Also, because doctors like to prepare you for worst case scenarios, they mention that if it doesn’t get better an operation may be in order so they can get the fluids to drain.

Chance staph infection

top left: at an appointment, top right: the way he looked before we woke him to take him to the ER, bottom left: day 1 at the hospital, bottom right: day 2 at the hospital

I had the hardest time keeping it together as we drove him to the hospital. I just couldn’t handle the idea of them cutting on Chance’s face & how scared he might get. Trusting in God & having my husband there, I still felt alone.  I remember walking to the van & seeing people pass by me as if I wasn’t there.  I kept wishing someone would see the pain I was trying so hard to hide & stop and ask if everything was okay. You never know what the people you are passing by are dealing with. I got a glimpse of that as we picked up breakfast before heading to an unfamiliar location & putting my child in the care of someone unfamiliar to all of us with surgery hanging in the balance. However, once at the hospital, we got to meet the nurses & the doctor. I immediately felt less stressed with our situation. The staff was great and so kid-friendly. It actually caught me off guard. Of course I had to remind myself we were at a CHILDREN’S hospital, you know where they choose to be there because they love kids and want to help them get better. So I relaxed little by little, especially once they told us that the possibility of surgery was no longer happening. We got food in our bellies, had company come visit, & we got to spend the night in a cold room on a large single bed sofa (makes you appreciate the warmth of the other ;o) LOL ). After 24 hours of being on IV antibiotics, the swelling was greatly improved and they sent us home. What a huge relief. Once we got home though, we had a personality issue with Chance to deal with. He had tons of energy, he talked non-stop, and he became a self-entitled spoiled brat with a physical anger problem. We were really confused as to why this was happening.  I figured the spoiled brat attitude came from being the center of attention at the hospital and the abundance of energy could be contributed to being “tied-down” by the IV, but the physical anger issue really got me. I talked with one of the ladies who attends where we go to church and she offered great insight. Everyone deals with strange &/or intense things that happen to them in their own way; children don’t always understand why things happen & can internalize it. He may be still dealing with it & anger/acting out is the only way he knows how. So we gave him extra love, kept life as normal & routine as possible, & let him talk to us & others about his experience over & over again until it simply became a story & a distant memory. I’m not saying that it is a complete fix, but it’s kind of what worked for Chance.

While dealing with Chance’s anger problem during that weekend, our washing machine broke. The spin cycle and the OFF button weren’t working so it continuously agitated the clothes without spinning the water out & adding clean water back into the drum. And because it’s not digital in any way (yes, it’s that old) the knob would just go in circles from one cycle to the next without stopping.  How did we discover this?  Evelyn put her clothes in the washer & we started the cycle around 4:00 and the washing machine was still going when we came home from church that night around 9:30. Hmm. I guess I’ll have to go to the antique place and get me a washing board…. Well, I honestly did consider it & was kind of interested in trying it out, but luckily I have a friend nearby and she let me do my laundry at her house or that would have been my next option. I personally am not interested in paying to wash my clothes at a laundromat & staying there hours on end, I had a lot of laundry to catch up on.

How did everything turn out you ask? As of today, the fridge is still in need of repair (& it stinks when you open it – ps. baking soda is amazing), Chance is almost back to his old self with a few tweaks to repair, and the washing machine? Funny story. Ironically, the fix was to unplug it & plug it back in. Awesome, no? I’ve been going all week without doing laundry thinking I didn’t have enough for a full load at my friends house when I had oodles of opportunity to get it done at my house had I only known. Palm to the forehead. Well, at least it isn’t broken anymore, praise the Lord!

On a side note, a friend mentioned we’ve got another 2 weekends left for this month so if this trend continues, well, who knows what will happen next. I’m thinking I need a shirt that says “BRING IT ON!!” or once this month is over I need one that says “I SURVIVED AUGUST 2015” LOL.

I’m thinking Kelly Clarkson’s song “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger” is the perfect end song for this blog with a fist pump to the air and a bandanna-wrapped head bobbing to the beat.

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