Turds, Fails, & Books

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So today was very… eventful to say the least.

You know how you have fun plans and your child (awake or asleep) seems to just know this and they do random and unexpected stuff that causes delay of such plans?  Alright, that’s exactly what happened.  We were going to the Pennington’s annual Hot Air Balloon Festival.  It’s been a tradition between me and Dakota since we were dating and I’ve really been looking forward to it.  Well, I’d gotten everything else together, but I still needed to get the baby up.  I walk in the room and I hear the pack-n-play squeak and Chance say something, so I go to get Chance out of his room.  I kid you not, as I swung open the door, I hear Chance say “Uh-oh.”  Here’s the scene: (pack-n-play facing me long ways) the turd laying  on the far right side of the pack-n-play, Chance on the far left side almost directly across the turd with a hand hanging over the side and directly above the diaper that’s been dropped on the floor.  The first thing I do is call in reinforcements (ie Dakota) to help me through this surreal & “this-is-so-not-happening” moment. Then I’m thinking “How in the world….? Why….? We are so going to be late.” Well, long story short, lucky me got to clean the pack-n-play while Dakota gave Chance a bath.  We got the baby dressed, car loaded, baby strapped in, and we take off.  One experience down and tonight’s about to get more fun.


Yeah, we pull in and we see what looks like everyone turning around.  There is nobody in the fields where the balloons and concession booths should be. Dakota rolls the window down and the cop says, everything has been cancelled and will resume at 6:00 in the morning.  Utterly wonderful.  No Hot Air Balloon Festival this year.  We drive off and take a detour through this subdivision of extremely high-end houses with nice cars in the driveway and I can only imagine the price those houses are going for in a neighborhood that is “privately police patrolled”.

Once we figured out how to get out of the subdivision, we ended up going to Barnes and Noble.  And y’all, I had a massive fail moment when I went to the bathroom.  First off, I never go in the handicapped stall because I don’t want to hog it in case someone handicapped actually needs it, unless it’s the only stall that has the baby changing station and I’ve got a baby to change. With that being said, I hate when all the other stalls are nasty.  So yes, I did use the handicapped stall and I felt horrible.  Back to my fail.  When I was done and I went to wash my hands, I stuck them under the faucet totally expecting the water to shoot out automatically…. it took me WAY too long to figure out that it wasn’t on a sensor.  That tells me 1.  how little I pay attention, 2. people are lazy, 3. either we’re letting mysophobic  people take over or we are too concerned about the germs, and 4. that we are coming to have high expectations of everything.

Ok. I’m off my soap box.  Anyway, Chance got to experience the escalators.  He was so fascinated with it.  And just for fun, we put him on the one that comes down so he could walk on it.

He had a blast.

Here’s the video of it if you are interested.

Of course we got some books (we cannot go to B&N and not buy a book, it’s insanity) and I got me some coffee 🙂  I haven’t had Starbucks in a million years.  I didn’t drink it right away (although I definitely would have) because caffeine has a tendency to keep me awake at night if I drink too much after a certain point in time.  It was way too late and so I’m using it as my motivation to get out of bed in the morning 🙂  Oh, ironically enough my husband works for Community Coffee.  He doesn’t drink coffee at all and I heart Starbucks.



How was your weekend?  What impeccable timing has you child had when you’re getting ready to leave soon?

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