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Last Thursday, the kids and I went on a play date with Kristie (from Kristine Stone Photography) and her boys. We had a blast! The Baton Rouge Zoo was so devoid of people, we practically had the whole place to ourselves and I was able to let Brother run around and enjoy some freedom with the older boys.

So when we first got to the zoo, my good idea at the time became a not so good idea. I had given Sister a muffin to eat while I drove. When I opened the car door to get her out & as I was unbuckling her, I realized how bad it was. Muffin crumbs everywhere.


Watching Brother walk around and check out the animals for himself was super cool. He’d stop and stare and point and say “Mommy, wash (watch)”. It was awesome to see him so fascinated.

Oooo :)

Oooo 🙂

At one point we saw the black jaguar/panther and it started making this crazy throaty huff sound (according to the internet, their roar sounds like a “repetitive cough”). So it was roaring at Brother and he got a little wide-eyed & decided he was a bit scared and ready to move on. Other than that small scare, he was trying to get as close as possible to the animals that the zoo or as close as I would allow.

Looking for the maned wolf

Looking for the maned wolf

We learned a lot about animals. They have some animals that are nocturnal such as the maned wolf. I’m thinking it was sleeping in the bushes or he wasn’t home. We looked as best we could though.

It was also exciting to feed the geese and the turtles. While we were feeding the geese, Kristie (who is originally from Michigan) was teaching me about these Canadian geese. Apparently if one is on duty to protect the flock & it fails, the rest of the geese will attack & kill it. Brutal, but I guess that weeds out the weak? Didn’t know that, hmm. Very very interesting. Anyway, this particular turtle was all about the food & gimme, gimme, gimme. It got out of the water and made it’s way on the branch so it could get really close to the food source.

Canadian goose & a very hungry turtle

Obviously the flamingos weren’t as interesting as himself… kid was checking himself out while I was trying to point out the pink birds. Something else I learned: the bendy part on the leg of the flamingo is actually it’s ankle, not it’s knee. Tidbit of info brought to you by the plaques provided by the zoo 🙂

checking out his reflection

Oh, so what did Miss Thing think about all of this? Well, funny enough, I gave her food and every time I looked at her to see what she was doing, this is what I got.

Yummy snack

So, basically we’re going to have to come back 🙂 Bummer ;P A really nice feature at the zoo is the playground park area. It’s loaded with slides and little plastic animals to ride on, monkey bars, bridges. It was super cool looking. So by the urgings of Kristie’s kids, we decided to go play at the park.

While the kids were playing, I happened to notice we had a visitor looking on. There was a peacock standing on the corner of the fence just walking around and eyeballing everyone. I decided to be super touristy and get as close as I possibly could and get a picture 🙂 I’d say I got pretty close. It didn’t run from me either, so I figured I wasn’t the first person to do this to it.

Pretty peacock

Pretty peacock

Then after all the animals had been seen, we got to ride on the choo-choo. Oh, *ahem* sorry Z, we got to ride on the train 😉

Choo-choo! *ahem* Train for little Zeke's sake :P


On our ride, we got to see some Louisiana culture. Those not from Louisiana, here’s what Cajun & swamp look like . Your welcome.

Here’s the bayou everyone talks about

“An ye cain’t show swamp wid-out puttin Boudreaux in der sumwher” 😛











Hope you enjoyed. We definitely did. If you are interested in going, the tickets are cheap. I was like $5.00, Brother was $2.00, & Sister was free. If you go, then you should definitely time your trip during the day during school hours (if you have youngins) & when the shows/feedings are going on. I didn’t think of this & I think we may have just missed a show by the time I got there. Here’s their website for additional information. Definitely consider it if you’re in the Baton Rouge area.


Happy Monday!!


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Kristine Stone - Baton Rouge Family Photographer January 28, 2013 at 9:09 am

I will not tell Z you said choo choo 😉 LOL. He’s been so litteral lately!


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