Wearing Your Baby, K’tan Style

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I’m all about making things easy & simple when it comes to the kids. I don’t like time-consuming complicated. No matter how awesome it may be, it isn’t going to work for me. ::snort:: I just rhymed. Anyway, over the span of a year, I’ve been looking for something that would hold Evelyn. I needed a carrier that she was comfortable in & fully supported her so I could have a free hand on Chance, I also needed to be comfortable with it & in it, and I need back support for endurance because Evelyn is a bit of a hip baby and I hold her a lot. With this in mind, I would search for different things off and on & when I came across something, I’d let my step-mom, Sandy, know & she would help me get a hold of it or she’d let me know when she ran across something she thought might would work. I tried different things, but nothing that worked out all that well. Not to say that I’m picky, though I am, I’m a lot smaller than the average bear, & things don’t always work or fit the same way as it should. As you can imagine I went through a variety of carriers, none quite what I was looking for. One day I was at A Big Deal Consignment, Sandy’s store, to help out, visit, get out of the house, etc. While I was there, I ended up vacuuming and of course Evelyn wanted to be held. I knew I wasn’t capable of holding her and vacuuming and she isn’t easy to get rid of when I’m the one making a lot of noise. Sandy had suggested a K’tan that she had just gotten in. So we watched the video and got Evelyn in it and off to vacuuming I went. It was simple & awesome! AND it didn’t wear my back out since it has such great support. Needless to say I bought it and have used it frequently since then. So when we had the annual Christmas parade I used it and got quite the impressed look from other moms. I saw a few people watching me as I was getting Evelyn in it & I was all “Feast your eyes on awesomeness” 🙂

K'tan in action!

Me wearing Evelyn for the Christmas Parade

So, though I don’t have a one to give away (yet! cross your fingers please) I did want to show y’all just how easy and awesome the Baby K’tan is.

STEP 1: Put it on as a necklace. Make sure the connecting fabric is behind your neck. Crisscross the two loops and put one arm through each.

step 1

I spy a little helper 🙂

STEP 2: Move the outer loop over your other shoulder so that it is around your hips.


STEP 3: Put your little one in facing out, their back should be against your chest. Make sure that the fabric isn’t bunched up between their legs so that it isn’t uncomfortable for them.

step 3

Half-way there!

STEP 4: Grab the loop that is around your waist and put it over the baby and on your shoulder so that it crisscrosses like it did before but now as a baby sandwich 🙂 Also make sure to spread out the fabric across your shoulders so that it distributes the baby’s weight.

step 4

The K’tan should be snug to keep the baby in place

STEP 5: Get the long piece of fabric, the sash, and wrap it around the baby’s midsection and then tie it around your back. I’m small, and there is extra fabric, so I wrap it around my back instead of tying it and bring it to the front to tie it under Evelyn, in front of my tummy.

step 5

please pardon the faces I’m making, it’s my focus face 😛

And VOILA! The Baby K’tan 🙂

all done!

The K’tan in Natural Organic

I know I drew out the steps, but getting the K’tan on is so simple and quick.  Evelyn definitely approves and so does my back.

If you are interested in K’tans you can check out their website right here.  They have a variety of colors to choose from and other accessories. Also?  There are other styles to create with the K’tan and the newer models have a pouch to put it in.  See?  AWESOME! You should really go check them out.  I’m hoping to do a giveaway to one of my readers soon, so stay tuned 🙂 (Again with the rhyming! I pinky promise I’m not doing it on purpose.)


I’d like to do a shout out to my oh-so-patient husband for taking the photos for me.  I really appreciate it 🙂

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