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Yep.  Remember how I mentioned in my last post our “attempt to get home” & how it was another post for another day?  Today is that day, aren’t you lucky?

Before I can get into that, I’ve got some  “splainin to do”

First off, we are no longer in the green Cube. It was violently bonded to a tree & decided to give  up the ghost.  Okay, so we got in a wreck back in June. We were on the interstate heading to a friends house & were supposed to take a certain exit.  Due to dealing with an unsafe driver swerving in & out of his lane we were distracted & last minute decided to take the exit we had basically missed.  Going too fast + turning too quickly = us fish-tailing.  When we finally gained traction, it shot us over the edge of the ramp into a cluster of trees. Praise God we were all physically okay. No one was seriously injured; Dakota had bruised knuckles & a bruised rib.  The rest of us just had minor burns & a small bruise. We were quite shaken. Chance seemed to have gotten over it when the state trooper & the ambulance showed up to take care of everything.  We got the car towed, which Chance was excited about as well, got the junk/valuables out of the car, made a claim with the insurance, & got ourselves a rental the next day.

Because I like Show & Tell, here are the photos:

Can you find us? Click on the picture to enlarge & then look for a tire

Front passenger damage

Front passenger damage











back fender

back fender

Driver side damage

Driver side damage








Nasty ordeal.  Anyway, we were in a rental for almost a month before we finally found us a vehicle.  From personal experience, if you really dread dealing with the sharks at a dealership then try Craigslist.  Not that I’m promoting them, but I believe God isn’t limited to the typical way of doing things. Thus our blessings came forth.

Nice, eh?

Nice, eh?

We were on our way to look at the Murano when we noticed this private dealer of work trucks. We did some research, called the dealer, went to check it out & then bought it.  Everything flowed so easily and in a week we had 2 vehicles. Woot!

Now, for the recent stuff & cue the epic background music :

About a month ago, we started having issues with the Murano (it was steaming as we pulled into a restaurant to eat after church). WARNING: this is only the beginning. Took it to a nearby mechanic & he said there was a gash in the water hose.  He fixed it & was paid around $130. He also said we needed a new water pump which would be $600, so we decided to wait & save up.  Then the car started rattling a week before we were to leave for Alabama.  So we talked to a different mechanic referred by family.  He told us there was no leak in the pump, but there was a problem with our driver axle.  So we brought it back within the next two days when he had the part, he fixed it & we paid him $250.  A few days before we are to leave for Alabama, & the engine was misfiring.  Luckily the 2nd mechanic showed Dakota how to fix it so, we bought a new spark plug & Dakota fixed the issue the day before we leave.  All the way to Alabama & the next day, everything was fine.  That Saturday, the day before we are to leave to go back home, we are on way to visit with our friend again.  We’re at a red light, it turns green, Dakota presses on the gas & we just roll forward.  We had to pull over.  We got a jump from someone & though the battery was working again, it still wouldn’t move forward.  Dakota had to walk half a mile to the nearest auto parts store (which happened to be an O’Reilly’s) to buy a new battery.  Fortunately, someone gave him a lift to the store and back to where the car was parked.  Except then Dakota realized he didn’t have tools. Another blessing in the form of an older man (with tools) pulled over to help us.  They got the new battery in, the car was working & so we brought the car to O’Reilly’s to check the alternator (& bring the dead battery for recycling). The alternator wasn’t putting out the correct amount of voltage & we were more than likely not going to make it home.  We consult the 2nd mechanic & a friend of ours that went to school to be a mechanic & they both said the same thing.  Leave early Sunday morning so as to not use any electricity (no headlights, no A/C, dashboard & console lights off) except for the minimum needed to drive home.  We left about 8 AM and about 10 minutes out the car stops working again.  We don’t accelerate any. Ironically, we broke down in front of an O’Reilly’s, so we roll the car to their parking lot.  Unfortunately it’s a little after 8 on a Sunday & the store doesn’t open until 9, so we wait. The manager that was there was really helpful & charged our battery for us while we waited on a mechanic to come direct us to his shop.  Luckily the manager was going to be heading in that direction anyway, he decided he would drive us up a mountain 8 miles away to the ONLY MECHANIC THAT WORKS ON A SUNDAY. We purchased a new alternator while at O’Reilly’s, which was about $280 (+ we would receive a refund of $100 for bringing the bad one to O’Reilly’s for recycling). Finally we get to the mechanics shop in Russellville, Alabama sometime after 10 AM.  FYI about Nissan Muranos, it’s ridiculously difficult to access most major parts for repair.  The guy had to remove the front passenger tire & the A/C thing to remove & install the alternator.  All in all, we were there about 3-4 hours before we were officially on our way home the second time. Also a blessing, the mechanic only charged us $90.

Most of  journey home was fine until we were halfway through Mississippi & the engine started misfiring again. The ‘Service Engine Soon’ light was blinking & Dakota asked me to see what the manual had to say. Basically the misfire can potentially damage the emission controls & we should take certain steps to avoid the damage.

1. Avoid hard acceleration & abrupt stops <– we can do that

2. Avoid going up steep inclines <–we’re in north Mississippi, that is unavoidable

3. Avoid going over 45 mph <– we’re on the interstate, not happening + we want to get home before midnight.

4. Lighten your load <– clearly we’re on our way home from vacation, so we have excess we are hauling with all the luggage.  Not possible.

Once we took it back to the 2nd mechanic we discovered someone put a German part into a Japanese car.  So Dakota bought a new spark plug coil for the same spark plug he had installed the day before we left.  Both the prior spark plug & spark plug coil were designed for a German car, & since it wasn’t compatible, it was causing the misfire.

Ooo, then a few Sundays ago, a week after we got home from Alabama, our A/C went out 🙂  About two weeks later, we got that fixed & it cost only $95.

Man I wanted to cry through the experience in Alabama.  Interesting enough, all I could do really was laugh & give it to God.  But there was a lesson learned through all of that too.  PAY YOUR TITHES (among other things that involve listening to the Lord).

Now that you’ve read that novel, I hope I haven’t bored you. Note: Though we went through a storm, there were many rainbows 🙂


Did anyone else go through a storm?  How did you handle it?


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