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Y’all I’m so frustrated that I don’t have time to blog daily anymore. I’m lucky if I’m able to type out a few words on my birth story each day. I love writing and sharing my life and this lack of doing so is hurting my sanity.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m nursing Evelyn (actually she’s asleep in my arms from nursing) & writing this post.

So here’s what’s going on each day that keeps me busy everyday:

During the night, Evelyn wakes between 3 & 4 for a feeding, then between 5 & 6 with spurts until 7 or so (she falls asleep while eating). This is also when Dakota’s alarm goes off & I do my best to keep track of time to make sure he gets out of bed & gets a shower before leaving for work.

9-something AM. Both kids are awake. I nurse the baby & fall asleep.

11-something AM. They are both awake again. I change her then I change Chance. Off to the kitchen we go, fighting Chance to get out of each room between his room & the kitchen. I get him contained in the high chair with a food while I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, then get a crying Evelyn.

In the kitchen, we all eat til Chance decides he’s done. Into the livingroom we go whether I’m finished eating or not.

Chance plays while I continue to nurse Evie. She eventually goes to sleep for good & I set her down somewhere out of range of Chance. I spend time with Chance until he’s ready to go night-night (nap time). At this time Evelyn wakes up.

Chance gets changed & put to bed. He’s not happy & neither is she. Into the livingroom we go & I nurse her (I don’t change her immediately because she fills the diaper while she’s eating. I also save on diapers 😛 ). She eats sporadically until she falls asleep.

Here’s my 30 minute to an hour slot where both kids are asleep. I’m usually eating, cleaning, & attepting to get a post written.

The kids wake up between 3 & 4. I get Chance changed & in the high chair or not depending on the time & if he’s ready to eat. I nurse her while he does whatever. This continues until Dakota gets home. He helps wrangle Chance while I nurse. Sometimes we swap kids if Evelyn isn’t nursing but is awake or needs to be put to sleep. Since I never have time, we get food elsewhere or Mr. B grills something, but mostly elsewhere.

While eating, Dakota is holding Evie or I’m nursing & trying to eat. We both take turns feeding Chance if he isn’t managing it himself. Then getting ready to go wherever it is that we are going for the night.

Getting ready is me getting a bath, getting dressed, getting clothes for Chance if he needs it, & checking & packing & loading diaper bags while Dakota handles whichever kid I’m not & loads them both into the car.

At the event, I take care of Evie & Dakota takes care of Chance. Again, sometimes we swap depending on which kid needs what.

Back at home, Chance does clean-up for his toys, gets his teeth brushed, & gets put to bed while I nurse. Usually between 11 & 12 at night, Evie is finally done nursing. Sometimes, depending on her, she’ll either be in the bed with us all night so no snuggling or one-on-one time with my husband occurs or he falls asleep before she finishes and still no one-on-one.

Rinse & repeat.

To note: last night was the first time we were able to snuggle in three weeks.

My genius fact of the day: Raising babies is time-consuming. If you want time to yourself, don’t have kids. Not that it’s impossible to get, it just not for a long period of time & it doesn’t happen often.

Any words of advice or other genius facts you’d like to share?

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