Why the Café?

by Vanessa

I was 19 when I got married to my best friend. As a new wife, I was happy to have my husband forever by my side.  As a new housekeeper, I was inexperienced and frankly, not too committed to the cause.  The task was daunting and I blundered my way through it. In the midst of all this I was also expecting our first child. I knew I needed help, but part of my pride wouldn’t allow me to ask those who had been doing it much longer than I had. So where did I go? I talked to my young mommy friends and asked them questions about how they were doing it. Not extremely profitable, but it made me feel better 🙂

At some point, instead of maintaining the house efficiently, I decided I needed a hobby. I am a writer by nature and so with my husband’s encouragement, I started a blog. I enjoyed talking to my friends and decided that I wanted to share my unique journey as a young wife and mom. I decided to call my blog Café du Mom for many reasons, one showing my cheesy sense of humor.

Coffee shop (Café)

When I think about a coffee shop, I envision a warm, cozy, and relaxing environment.  It’s a place where you can temporarily get away from chaos and the impending list of things to do and just take a breather.   This is the environment I want to create with my blog, and as a side-note:  I heart coffee.

Café du Monde (du Mom)

I live in Louisiana.  You don’t think about Louisiana without thinking of New Orleans.  In the heart of New Orleans, or as the locals call it NOLA, there is a small shop in the French Quarter that serves the best beignets (pronounced:  ben-yays) in the world called Café du Monde.  Yes, this is where my cheesiness comes in: the name similarity and the idea represented behind it.  I want Café du Mom to be a place where people come to experience, as I do, my journey as a young wife and mom of two.

I love helping people, and I know that being a mom and/or wife isn’t easy. With Café du Mom, I hope to share my journey, all the humor and aggravation it brings on a daily basis, to help other moms and wives get through theirs in one piece.